Philosophy of Satanism
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Philosophy of the United Satanic Covenire.

Many people think they grasp what the philosophy of Satanism is, though I genuinely perceive, from my various interactions with Satanists, that most do not really understand most of what Satanism, at least in its Laveyian form, is composed of. Doubtless, if one wanted to claim a lineage outside of Lavey, while still keeping themselves strangely connected to using the terminology he adopted for use, it still behooves them to understand what the terms originally meant and what they mean in proper Satanic nomenclature. (Note that when I say "proper" Satanic nomenclature, I only mean a system which has a link outside of pure fancy, many non-Laveyian forms of Satanism still have strong links to other systems and beliefs, which makes them "proper" by my definition).

More or less, I suspect that this and the history section will be the two most updated sections which I, (RyanS), write under, as right now philosophy, ethics, morality, and history are all very intriguing to me. Hopefully, you will find this all as intriguing as I do.

Morality pt. 1

Morality pt. 2

Morality pt. 3

Ideas on Magick

Left-hand path Philosophy

Our social need for myths

Constrained versus Unconstrained philosophy

Edmund Burke's Philosophy

Answer to the question, "why Satanism?"

What type of Satanist?

Myth of Satanic Unity

Problems with the Western Mind

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